Finding Faith in Discouragement

  • April 8, 2018
  • Pat Langston

Luke 24:13-35

On the day of Jesus' Resurrection, tow of his disciples found themselves deeply discouraged. They had not believed the words of the women who ad visited the tomb and found it empty.

The Living Hope

  • April 1, 2018
  • Tommy South

1 Peter 1:3-5

The Resurrection has been around for almost 2000 years, but it hasn't been without opposition.

The Babel Syndrome

  • March 25, 2018
  • Tommy South

Genesis 10:32-11:9

After the Flood, Noah's descendants multiplied, but they had only one language. They also build for themselves a city and a tower.

A Flood of Mercy

  • March 18, 2018
  • Tommy South

Genesis 6:9-22, 7:6-24, 8:13-19

Of all the questions we might ask about the Genesis Flood, none is so important as Why it happened.

One Man's Righteousness

  • March 11, 2018
  • Tommy South

Genesis 6:1-22

Usually when we read Genesis 6, our attention is focused on the Flood, the Ark, and the animals - but not so much on Noah. But of all of the people of the earth, why did God choose him?