The church of Christ began in Zhitomir, Ukraine in 1993, as the result of an evangelistic campaign by members of the Glen Allen church and Christians from other parts of Virginia. Since that time the church has grown to more than 60 active members and maintains a vital spiritual life and proclamation of the gospel among the people of this city of 300,000. Zhitomir is approximately 100 miles west of Kiev (Kyiv). Christians from Glen Allen and other cooperating congregations visit there at least twice each year to offer teaching and fellowship with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. The Zhitomir church now has its own Ukrainian ministers who are supported by churches here in the U.S., as well as a woman who is supported to work with the church’s Sunday school and summer camp efforts.

In cooperation with the Zhitomir church, we are also active in supporting an orphanage in the village of Vilkah, which is approximately 75 mi. from Zhitomir. Because of its isolation, this orphanage receives little outside help other than from the church. In recent years we have helped to provide the orphanage with renovated toilet and bath facilities, heating and laundry equipment, new beds, plus clothing, food, vitamins, and other necessities. In the past we have also assisted with the support of other orphanages, as well as with the nursing home in the village of Kamen, about 60 mi. from Zhitomir. Ukrainian Christians are also supported by the U.S. churches to carry on in these works.

There are still several unevangelized cities in Ukraine, as well as countless smaller towns and villages. Currently the Glen Allen church is working to establish a church in the city of Rivne, about 150 miles west of Zhitomir, and plans are underway to begin a congregation in the village of Kamen where the nursing home mentioned above is located. In November, 2007, a group from Glen Allen and from the Denbigh church in Newport News distributed materials and conducted meetings in Rivne, as well as assisting an orphanage there with Bibles, toothbrushes, new school desks, and the renovation of a meeting room. We are confident that with the Lord’s blessing and guidance, there will eventually be a church in this city.