Ever since it’s founding by the Roman Empire, Strasbourg has served as an international gateway and birthplace of great ideas in every era. This cosmopolitan capital, a trading center since the Middle Ages, is situated at the heart of the wealthiest region of Europe. The city is a crossroad set on the Rhine River and as such, has always been a major gateway to Europe. For this reason today, the city abounds with a rich mixture of cultural traditions and opens to Europe and the whole world, giving it a unique international flavor.

Strasbourg is also known as the “political capital of Europe”. Along with New York and Geneva, the city shares the privilege of being the seat of international organizations without being a capital city. It is an important economic center as well. Within a radius of 500 km from Strasbourg lies 57% of the working population and 75% of the European’s buying power. Although it seems to have many opportunities for businessmen, artists, politicians and educators, and indeed it does, it lacks one essential truth. It is the only truth that really matters — the TRUTH of God’s Word. Strasbourg is very different from the rest of France in that it is heavily populated with independent thinking, Bible-believing Protestants with a rich reformation heritage. It is a city hungry for the Word of God, thirsty for TRUTH and absolutely in need of salvation, which can only come through Christ. Its location and influence offer Christians an opportunity to spread the saving word throughout the entire French-speaking world.

In August 2000 the Glen Allen church of Christ began a partnership with Daniel and Tammy Frerot in taking the Gospel to the people of Strasbourg. Daniel is a native of Belgium where he and Tammy first met in 1989. They share a deep love for the lost from which was born their dream to take the gospel to the entire French-speaking world. Today they are the only full-time missionaries in Strasbourg.

Where there once was no church of the Lord’s people in Strasbourg, today the church meets regularly. The believers’ faith, love and commitment to the Lord and to one another is growing as a result of what the Lord is working through the Frerots. Together with their brothers and sisters in Strasbourg they continue to reach out to others through home studies, Bible Correspondence course invitation distribution, initiation and follow-up, public preaching and teaching, annual campaigns and through living their daily lives letting the light and love of Christ shine through them.