Updated: May 13, 2020

In an effort to continue living out our mission as a church and care for those God has entrusted to us, we have prayerfully put together a plan to go with Phase 1. Every effort is being made to ensure that we are in harmony with our local leadership, CDC recommendations, and the heartbeat of our church family.

After reading, contact one of the shepherds or ministers if you have any questions or concerns.

Starting on May 17:

  • Sunday morning gatherings of 100 or less will resume in the Worship Center at 9:30am (Governor’s mandate allows 50% of the building’s capacity).
  • We are NOT resuming:
    • Sunday evening worship.
    • Wednesday evening classes.
    • Sunday morning Bible classes or children’s church.
  • Small groups will continue. Please see Tommy if you would like to join one.
  • The livestream will continue as is.
  • All Zoom meetings/times remain the same.

Persons with compromised immune systems, in an at-risk category, or simply not ready to return to to the building are encouraged to stay at home and continue watching online.

How is Sunday being modified?

  • Entrance/exits:
    • Main door – Used for entrance only.
    • All other doors (4 total) will be used as an exit.
  • Communion:
    • Will be prepared before hand with gloves and mask.
    • You will receive the bread and cup (in containers) upon entrance of the building (Main Doors).
    • We will use prepackaged communion cups when they arrive. Currently backordered.
  • Contribution:
    • Baskets will be at each exit. Donations can be dropped off when dismissed.
  • Sheet music will be sent in E-Bulletin – Consider using personal devices rather than song books.

General guidelines

  • Seating:
    • Families are encouraged to sit together.
    • Please do not sit directly behind or in front of another family.
    • There must be at least 3 chairs in between family units.
  • Social Distance:
    • When possible social distancing should be practiced at all times.
  • Hugging/Handshaking:
    • It is recommended that no hugging/hand shaking take place. Assume others want distance.
  • Masks:
    • The CDC recommends the use of masks in public settings. This will not be mandated and will be left to the individual’s choice. We ask that all are respectful of one another’s decisions.

Required by law

By law we are required to put this notice, as written, on our doors of the Worship Center if we want to open. As to not catch you off guard we want to share it with you here as well.

“No one with with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days, is permitted in the establishment.”

There is no way for us to enforce this. We ask that you use your best judgement when deciding to attend.

Need more information? See the state guidelines for Phase 1 regarding religious services.

Planning for Sundays

Help us plan by letting us know what you are doing on Sunday.